Sheet Metal Cabinets, Kiosk, Enclosures & Housing

Production and manufacturing of enclosures, cabinet, housings kiosks and brackets.

Production of sheet metal products, brackets, enclosures and housings in Vietnam.

Sheet Metal Vietnam Solar panel mounting, flashing kits & renewable energy

Fabrication & Manufacturing of solar mounting and flashing kits

Solar panel parts like, Mounting kits, PVDF aluminum flashing kits, aluminum extrusion, steel & stainless steel solar assembly and panel brackets.

Production of ATV, Motorbike, & Car parts accessories

Accessories from tube & sheet metal for brackets & parts for Automotive and motorcylces

Production of ATV, Motorbike, & Car parts accessories. We make fabricate these parts with processes like, Laser cutting, turret punching, robot welding, stamping and CNC 3D tube bending in our own factories in Vietnam.

Sheet Metal Vietnam

(Progressive) stamping, punching, pressing & assembly

We provide production for stamping, deep drawing & pressed products in our own factories in Vietnam.

Hardware like Brackets, Clevis Hangers, Riser Clamps Hardware parts

Brackets, Clevis Hangers, Riser Clamps, Hose clamps, junction boxes & other hardware parts

Production of hardware part like; Riser clamps, clevis hangers, riser and pipe struts, p factory in Vietnam.

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Market Segments

Industries and sectors we work for

Sheet Metal Vietnam: Your Trusted Partner for Sheet Metal Fabrication: Are you looking for a reliable and professional sheet metal factory in the south of Vietnam? Look no further than Sheet Metal Vietnam, online quoting of sheet metal products. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment to handle any sheet metal project, big or small.

At Sheet Metal Vietnam, we are committed to delivering the best sheet metal solutions for your needs. Contact us today for a free online quoting of sheet metal products and consultaion

At Sheet Metal Vietnam, we specialize in sheet metal fabrication for various industries. Online quoting of sheet metal products, whether you need enclosures, housings, brackets, or any other custom metal product, we can deliver it with the highest quality and precision. We use a range of materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more, to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our in-house processes and advanced equipment ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget. That’s why we are the trusted partner for superior sheet metal products worldwide. Online quoting of sheet metal products

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Market Segments

Industries and sectors we work for

Sheet metal product factpory vietnam, enclosures, housings, cabinets, brackets. pem insert clinched, laser cutting, sheet metal vietnam 800x400


sheet metal screw gun brackets, junction box factory and parts made in vietnam


Stainless steel food table for kitchen equipment or bakery equipment in vietnam, laser cutting and sheet metal manufacturing 800x400


Sheet metal Vietnam and tube processing for Tuff-Table-Frame-System-Bench-Seats-chairs 800x400


Motorbike Parts

Sheet metal bracket factory for TV mounts, Av mounts, steel, aluminum, wall mount, corner brackets. Made in Vietnam factory manufacturing fabrication

Audio & Media

Car parts, automotive and vehicle sheet metal parts, made in vietnam


Sheet metal and tube display product factory in Vietnam


sheet metal parts for solar panel mounting assembly kit with aluminum extrusion profiles, and pvdf aluminium flashing kits made in vietnam

Solar Mounting Systems


Sheet metal for paneling, Server housings, it cabinets, patch panel laser cutting in parts factory vietnam


Sheet metal products Vietnam for EV charging station or parts with laser cutting and cnc technology factory vietnam

EV Technology

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What We Offer

Our Services

We provide a range of services to customers across different industries, such as:

  • Engineering support: We can help you design and optimize your sheet metal products, from concept to completion.
  • CNC Laser cutting: We can ny shape and size of sheet metal on our lasers
  • CNC turret punching, and nibbling: We can cut, punch, and nibble any shape and size of sheet metal, with high precision and quality.
  • Forming, folding, and bending: We can shape and bend your sheet metal products to meet your specifications and requirements.
  • Robot Welding: We can join your sheet metal parts with strong and durable welds, using various techniques and materials.
  • Surface treatments: We can enhance the appearance and performance of your sheet metal products with a variety of surface treatments, such as powder coating, spray paint, sand- and glass bead blasting.
  • Clinching and assembly: We can complete your sheet metal products with clinching of PEM and bolts and nuts, and assembly of hardware and accessories.
Welding (Laser, TIG, MIG & Spot welding).

High standard deburring and hairline finishing methods for flawless sheet metal surfaces. Improve aesthetics and durability.

Laser Cutting Service Tube & Pipe

Tube laser cutting is a fast, precise method of cutting metal tubes applied for several industries. Sheet metal Vietnam

Deburring service & hairline finishing

High standard deburring and hairline finishing methods for flawless sheet metal surfaces. Improve aesthetics and durability.

Stamping & Deep drawing

Sheet metal stamping service in Vietnam: how we can help you with your contract manufacturing needs Are you looking for

Laser Cutting Service Sheet Metal

Laser Cutting Services in Vietnam: Precision and reliable Laser Cutting Vietnam, is specialized in sheet metal fabrication and offer professional

CNC Turret punching

We are a contract manufacturing in Vietnam that produces high-quality sheet metal products? We are a foreign owned factory

Self clinching fasteners & inserts

Self-clinching fasteners are a reliable and efficient way to attach thin metal sheets. Learn how our contract manufacturing factory

Sheet metal fabrication

Fabrication of sheet metal kiosks, shrouds, housings, welding and other sheet metal parts. From mono parts, till complete assemblies,

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Rolling, Deburring, Clinching, Rolling, Welding and More...

Post Processing

Besides sheet metal fabrication we are specialized in laser cutting for sheet metal, delivering precise and accurate time line.
Our comprehensive services include additional CNC processes and post-processing techniques to ensure your metal parts receive the perfect finish.


Rolling sheet metal in tube, manufacturing and fabrication in Vietnam factory


Self clinching fasteners & PEM inserts in sheet metal products in vietnam, laser cutting and deburring and turret punchine, cnc bending.png


mig-welding-sheet metal product in factory in vietnam manufacturing

CNC Bending

CNC bending of sheet metal in factory in Vietnam manufacturing and fabrication


removing of sharp corners and sharp edges is perfectly done with this automatic deburring machine. Some brands are timesavers and fladder. They also are able to do 2 or even 3 steps of deburring and applying hairline finish in several grits. Can be used for steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  1. CNC Metal Bending:
    • Our computer-controlled machines expertly bend sheet metal into any desired angle and shape. With high accuracy and repeatability, CNC metal bending is ideal for creating complex and custom forms like brackets, hooks, and tubes.
  2. Tapping:
    • Tapping involves creating threads directly on sheet metal parts using specialized tools. It’s a strong, secure, and easy method that eliminates the need for drilling or welding. We have manual and CNC tapping machines from Amada in our factory. Whether you’re attaching screws, nuts, or bolts, tapping ensures reliable connections. We tap in UNC, UNF and Metric types.
  3. Deburring:
    • Sharp edges and burrs can compromise both appearance and safety. Our deburring process removes these imperfections, leaving sheet metal parts smooth, safe, and clean. Say goodbye to unwanted material, dust, and potential defects.
  4. Clinching:
    • Achieving a uniform and fine surface is essential. Graining enhances aesthetics, durability, and resistance. By creating a smooth, shiny finish, we add value and protect your sheet metal parts from corrosion and scratches.

Choose us for your sheet metal needs, and experience precision, reliability, and excellence. Contact us today for a flawless finish that meets your specifications!

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What we make


automotive-parts brackets-support-brackets bull-bars bumpers car-parts


aluminium-sheet-metal covers-covering galvanized-sheet-metal hvac panels-paneling

air-conditioning climate-control hvac

aluminum-sheet-metal covers-covering electronics-enclosures enclosures galvanized-sheet-metal mechanical panels

brackets-support-brackets enclosures sheet-metal-housings steel-sheet-metal

brackets-support-brackets junction-box screw-gun-brackets

19-inch-server-racks electronics-enclosures server-cabinets sheet-metal-housings

brackets-support-brackets galvanized-sheet-metal sheet-metal-housings stamping

enclosures kiosks-cabinets sheet-metal-housings stamping steel-sheet-metal






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For Quote

For Inquiries: Fill in our feedback form or contact us on
+84-36-77-888-36. We use WeChat, Zalo & WhatsApp

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    Sheet Metal Vietnam?

    1. Flexible Design Options: Our sheet metal materials allow for versatile design solutions. From single prototypes to volume production, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.
    2. Low Material Waste: We optimize material usage, minimizing waste and ensuring cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to sustainability benefits both your project and the environment.
    3. Efficient Production: With cutting-edge techniques like laser cutting and mechanical shearing, we deliver precise results efficiently. Our CAD engineering ensures accurate models before fabrication begins.
    4. Modern Finishes: Powder coating and anodizing options add a sleek finish to your components. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring your products look as good as they perform.

    We master the Languages Dutch, German, English and Vietnamese.
    25 years experience in sheet metal works in Asia
    25 years experience in (die)casting of a wide variety of metals
    We have a low overhead and keep hourly rates competitive

    You want us to organize sourcing, assembly, packaging and shipping –> we will do it for you. We do what we say, nothing less! If we can’t do it than we won’t offer it.

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    Combined Solutions for

    Sourcing, Logistics & Quality Control.

    At our company, we offer a convenient and cost-effective service for your metal products needs. Whether you need sheet metal stamping parts, cabinets, brackets, enclosures, kiosks, or similar parts made from aluminum, stainless steel, or (galvanized) steel, we can handle it all. We collect and pack your orders and ship them as one shipment, with one bill of lading. You can choose from Ex. work, FOB, or CIF delivery options. This service has many advantages, such as:

    • – Saving time on documents
    • – Having one communication contact for all your orders
    • – Reducing costs and time for customs clearance
    • – Ensuring in-house quality control
    Contact Us

    Please visit our other website to find out more about time saving possibilities for sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting of tube and pipe and more.

    More information about sheet metal can also be found on Wikipedia